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    Mediainfo Plugin

    Any word on a mediainfo plugin?
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    Easy ruTorrent installer + Web server, FTP, Webmin (Ubuntu/Debian/Fedora/More)

    This is an easy installer for ruTorrent (multi-user support), rtorrent, plugins and other dependencies. It requires no Linux knowledge. The only requirement is that you can copy and paste three lines of code. In 5-10 mins, you should have a fully working ruTorrent. To install it, use one of the...
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    rutorrent store Re: rutorrent store « Reply #1 on: October 11, 2012, 02:21:12 pm » You guys should sell "setup service" on the store, I know that there are scripts that makes it kinda easy, but I bet some people would pay to have it properly compiled and installed. I...
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    Hey every one, I am new on this plate forum , introduce your self here. Thanks you.