rtorrent needs restart sometimes


May 25, 2018
I know, of course that this is not a rutorrent issue, hence the posting in off topic..
I have rtorrent 0.8.9/0.12.9 and latest svn of rutorrent.
It has been running flawlessly for years.
The latest time I built my server from scratch (about 3 years ago IIRC) I had used irssi auto installer (from brock I believe - not sure anymore).
As stated already it has been working flawlessly for the past years.
But for the last two months I have an issue.
I open one morning the rutorrent webui and I see that some rss feeds have a load error. This is normal to happen if the feed is not available at the time of updating the feed.
However I noticed that this was not the case. And even if I try to add a torrent myself leads to "Failed to add torrent"
After some searching I realized that restarting rtorrent fixes the issue. Upon the next update, all rss who previously fail to load, now load ok.
Adding manually a torrent works OK. In general all is normal again. This thing is happening randomly. Perhaps once every week or so..

Has anyone encountered this issue before? Has anyone managed to find the cause of this behaviour?