BOUNTY: rss modifications


May 25, 2018
This is a bounty for some rss modifcations. These are going to be hard, and as such i am asking people who think they are good ideas to KICK IN AND HELP GET THIS DONE!!!

Number 1:
Rss groups. This would work similar to how "ALL FEEDS" works now, but you'd be able to set specific "groups" for "group 1" "group 2" "group 3"

Each group would be selectable as a choice for a filter. The idea is simple. You could set a filter to work on some groups but not others. It would be even better if a single filter could be in multiple groups, but this isn't absolutely 100% important.

Number 2:

This one would work like this: This would be a tunable option on a filter. If this option is selected, a filter would only download the torrent via fast resume and only if the item matches something grabbed from another site.

For instance, if you download

Lost.S06E05.720p.x264.mkv-CTU from

and you have this option set, it would only attempt this download if it matches a currently seeding torrent. This would HAVE to take auto-tools into account to be effective (as in, if you have auto-tools set up it would know where the seeding data is based on your subdir, or perhaps by reading the data from the other torrent seeding)

I realize this could lead to some mistakes in rare situations but it shouldn't be THAT big of a in...if you have a filter set up in this way, it shouldn't nuke any data you currently have, worst case it would lead to an error which you could clear later (at least this is the case when you do this manually, so i don't see this being an issue)

These would be killer modifications....I can pledge 20 dollars for this....if anyone else thinks this is a good idea, please throw in some money to make it happen.