Create a Plugin - HOWTO/Tutorial/Guide/FAQ????

May 25, 2018
OK based on my request here:

I've manage to figure out what drives the proxy script.

I have the proxy installed and running *outside* rutorrent.

What I am after now is some assistance in creating the "plugin" to get to this from rutorrent itself.

What I am trying to duplicate is as seen in the attachment what the black arrows point to, the icon in the toolbar which allows me to link over to the proxy.

Any HOWTO's/Tutorials/Guides etc. on how to do this?

Click the button it opens a new window which starts the proxy, have it add that icon to rutorrnet toolbar when it starts.

I've read:

As start I need to have something like the following in rutorrent/conf/plugins.ini



What I am not sure about is what I have to do to get that icon etc...

Thanks in advance.