Vbulletin User label Problem


May 25, 2018
Was hopping someone might be able to give me some direction I'm stumpted

Trying to create a plugin for vbulletin users to use rutorrent

I have sucessfully made it check to see if vbull users are loged in if not direct them to a login script

I have even added a button to the top menu for a link to the forums

Issue I have when adding a torrent can not get the username of the vbull user to be added to the label
(I can do this easly by editing the addtorrent.php but need to be able to do it by using the plugin directory)

played around with the autotools plugin. If I call the plugin directly by using www.*******/rutorrent/plugins/auto2/label.php the username can be seen and if I hard code a hash in the file it all works.

The main issue I have is the plugin directory will not read cookies which stops me from being able to retrieve the username off the loged in user through the plugin. Was thinking about turning on global variables using the addtorrent.php to set the username and then removing the username in the addon but again this would require an edit of a file out side of the plugin folder.

Is there any way I can pass the username to the script running the add label hmm ?? .
when you click on addtorrent I can easly pull the cookie there just need to be able get this to happen in plugins folder!!

I feel this would be a valuable addon to the rutorrent community so any help would be great.
(I have this hack working fine on my seedbox but would love to have everything as a plugin)

On my own site I have even recorded what active torrents each user has and I show a tally off gb to the user, each user can only have 20 gb stored on the server at one time. I have a database running with every torrent a user has downloaded this allows me to check how much data each user has downloaded in a day,month,year.

Ill admit im no expert when it comes to coding but can normally hack my way through, but I'm finding this quite difficult with how the plugins interact with the main rutorrent, how does the plugin know addtorrent.php has been run what hooks does it use.

very little information about creating your own plugin on the wikki.


May 25, 2018
The main issue I have is the plugin directory will not read cookies w
Cant undestand, what do you want. In plugin autotools this script - label.php - is called by rtorrent, in cli mode. It can't get some cookies from your browser at all.